Monday, 18 November 2013

Report Analysis Mobile Health (mHealth) Apps in USA, Germany, Brazil, Japan and UK

Mobile healthcare is on its way to become a multi-billion dollar market. With digitalized patients' records, huge spendings and ubiquitous mobile phones the possibilities of improving patients’ outcome and reduce health care cost has huge potential. App publishers on the other hand report serious problems to generate enough revenues to finance their ideas.

The 170 pages report mHealth App Performance Benchmarking provides a detailed performance benchmarking between countries and details on a country level. The benchmarking contains a chapter with direct comparison between countries (business models, app lifetime, subcategory distribution, multi-platform success) as well as chapters for each country (USA, Germany, UK, Brazil and Japan with the above benchmarking of business models, app lifetime, subcategory distribution, multi-platform success).

The report compares the mHealth app performance in the USA, Germany, UK, Brazil and Japan.
Each country analysis includes: Category benchmarking (Health&Fitness and Medical), business model benchmarking (free and paid), app lifetime benchmarking, app subcategory distribution benchmarking and multi-platform publishing benchmarking.

Questions answered:
Where are the market opportunities?
Which region is best to invest in? Which regions are laggers?
Which categories and sub-categories offer the best opportunities?
Which OS-platforms offer the best opportunities?
Where are market threats and obstacles?
What kind of synergy can I expect for multi-platform development (for each country)?
and many more
The report analyses the performance of 795 successful mHealth apps in USA, Germany, Brazil, Japan and UK
Downloads: Average monthly and total lifetime downloads for free and paid apps
Pricing: Pricing of top 10 paid mHealth apps
Number of apps: Benchmarking including 795 successful mHealth apps
Platform: mHealth apps for iPhone, iPad and Android phones
mHealth app categories: Apps in the Health & Fitness and Medical category
mHealth apps: Apps that have been listed in the top 10 from December 2012 to February 2013

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