Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Indian Wine Market Forecast to 2018

Indian Wine Market has been showing a steady growth. The demand of both the domestic and foreign wines has been growing day by day. There is enough room for each and every wine brand, be it Indian or foreign, in the Indian market as the market has registered a significant percentage of growth in both volume and value terms in recent years.

The strong economic growth of the last few years and increasing wine culture among the new wealthy Indian middle class combined with a greater exposure to western lifestyle has created hunger for different categories of wines.

In order to help manufacturers and exporters to better understand the Indian wine market, IBNA Research, a division of Indian Business News Agency (IBNA), has launched a new market research report titled “Indian Wine Market Forecast to 2018”.

Indian Wine Market Forecast to 2018 is a comprehensive research that contains detail statistics, in-depth analysis, and quality research on Indian wine market. This report is unique in its collection of highly relevant data, from legislation and imports to pricing levels, analyses of market share, market growth and more.

The report starts with an introduction of India's demographic and macro-economic indicators, including focus on Indian Cities for Growth.


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